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This paper presents a mathematical model developed to simulate moisture movement in lumber of Masson pine during high temperature drying. It is based on the three types of water transport in softwood during high temperature drying: (1) Liquid water movement through cell lumens and pits above fiber saturation point is assumed to be a consequence of capillary(More)
On the bases of studying the effect of the misalignment of probes, setting-up eccentricity of standard ball and noise on the accuracy for spindle rotation error measurement with three-point method. From the characteristics of error signal, we establish the simulation error data models of roundness error, spindle rotation error and noise signal. Then using(More)
This paper has contrasted the separation accuracy of three-point method and approximate three-point method in rotational error. And further analysis the sensitivity of the sensor installation error by two different measurement methods. Simulation results show that the separation accuracy in both roundness error and rotational error by three-point method is(More)
Conditioning effect on HfO2 single-layer film by quasi-cw laser was investigated. The conditioning process was monitored with laser calorimeter. Experimental results revealed that the HfO2 film absorption decreased as a function of the irradiation dose. Higher laser power accelerated the conditioning process. The conditioning effect could not be explained(More)
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