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Several novel metal-quinolone compounds have been synthesized and characterized by analytical, spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction methods. The crystal structure of the four compounds, Na(2)[(Cd(Cx)3)(Cd(Cx)3(H2O))].12H2O, [Co(Cp)2(H2O)2].9H2O, [Zn(Cp)2(H2O)2].8H2O and [Cd(HCp)2(Cl)2].4H2O, is presented and discussed:(More)
Tomato plants expressing the NahG transgene, which prevents accumulation of endogenous salicylic acid (SA), were used to study the importance of the SA signalling pathway in basal defence against Citrus Exocortis Viroid (CEVd) or Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV). The lack of SA accumulation in the CEVd- or TSWV-infected NahG tomato plants led to an early(More)
Metabolomics is a powerful discipline aimed at a comprehensive and global analysis of the metabolites present in a cell, tissue, or organism, and to which increasing attention has been paid in the last few years. Given the high diversity in physical and chemical properties of plant metabolites, not a single method is able to analyze them all.Here we(More)
27 Hydroxycinnamic acid amides (HCAA) are secondary metabolites involved in plant 28 development and defence which have been widely reported throughout the plant 29 kingdom. These phenolics show antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal 30 activities. Hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA: tyramine N-hydroxycinnamoyl transferase (THT) is 31 the key enzyme in HCAA(More)
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