Ma Pei-bei

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This paper proposes a new time control method based three-dimensional dynamic path planning, which can be applied for an efficient cooperative attack of cruise missiles or a simultaneous approaching mission for UAVs. The proposed method can lead vehicles to maneuver turning according to the signal of time-error. Time error signal is obtained from the real(More)
Cooperative control strategy can support coordinated attack for multi-UAV in threat environment, and achieve the greatest combat effectiveness with time constraint. It is a crucial problem with significant theoretical value and great practical value. Firstly, a cooperative path planning based expanded Voronoi diagram was proposed. The threat environments(More)
Based on the dynamics and kinematics of the relative motion between missile and target for missile guidance, under the assumptions that the target is stationary, and the velocity of missile is a constant, and according to the error between the real impact angle and the designated impact angle, the desired kinematics of LOS (line of sight) is analyzed and(More)
With the increasing complication of the battlefield and the increasing diversities of the military mission, UCAVs are required to reach targets at times within a certain tolerance in order to achieve the necessary sequencing of mission goals. Time error signal is obtained from the real time-to-go and the estimated time-to-go by adopting a simple online(More)
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