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OBJECT A growing skull fracture (GSF) is a rare but significant late complication of skull fractures, usually occurring during infancy and early childhood. Delayed diagnosis and improper treatment could exacerbate this disease. The aim of this study was to introduce a new hypothesis about, describe the stages of, and discuss the treatment strategy for GSF.(More)
Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF) algorithm is a fast robust local feature matching method. Because of the advantage of invariance of scale and rotation, the SURF algorithm has been widely used in the image registration. However, due to the acquired angle, imaging mode, different resolution, SURF algorithm becomes quite difficult in the image registration.(More)
Supplier relationship management can help construction enterprise gain a competitive advantage. This article defines the supplier relationship management (SRM) and establishes the evaluation criteria system base on the types of supplier relationship, which is classified according to the materials. Then BP model is selected to evaluate the construction(More)
Economic inequality, which has a great effect on society, can be measured by Gini coefficient in most cases. However, the coefficient can hardly explain the effects specifically. This article aims to solve it with relative deprivation theory (RD). It measures the positive and negative effects of RD with membership function and establishes "Attitude Index"(More)
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