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In this paper we consider the system of M/M/N queue with service interruptions, the rates of server breakdown are different between busy time and idle time, and there is one repairman in its system. We give out the group of equations for the steady state distribution of the number of effective servers. We obtain the steady-state probabilities of the states(More)
We consider a new, adaptive approach to unsupervised textured region segmentation. There are three phases within each iteration of the process: (1) Gabor filter based feature extraction; (2) Fuzzy clustering of texture homogeneity to yield a spatial segmentation; and (3) An optimization procedure to update the filter parameters. The selection objective used(More)
—Radial Basis Function (RBF) has been widely used in different fields, due to its fast learning and interpretability of its solution. One problem of classical RBF is that it suffers from the curse of dimension that the number of basis functions will explode heavily with the increase of dimensions in the dataset. This explosion seriously impairs the(More)
A multi-attribute group decision making (MAGDM) method, based on comprehensive satisfaction evaluations that are derived from the preference of all decision makers, is presented to solve the decision data sampling problems in a fuzzy situation where the decision data and weights of all attributes take the form of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers(More)
The principles of the immune system and Monoclonal were introduced briefly. Focused on the text expressed by the vector space model which was processed by semantic computation, an adaptive polyclonal clustering algorithm was proposed. Firstly, the calculation method was defined for the affinity between antibody and antigens and the affinity of antibodies,(More)
  • Ma Li, Ma Ji
  • 2015
Graphic color which is obtained from traditional escape time algorithm is very single and it cannot effectively reflect structural characteristics of M set and J set so image cannot be effectively applied in generalized scope. This paper introduces genetic algorithm and integrates user preferences into genetic process by adding human-computer interaction in(More)
The integration of local uncertainty measure with local randomized Hough transform (RHT) is proposed for line detection in the paper to tackle the problems of decrease in detection accuracy in noised images for line detection of complicated parts. The proposed scheme firstly partitions a machine-part into several regions. Then a probability model of(More)
Image segmentation plays an important role in medical image processing. Fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering is one of the popular clustering algorithms for medical image segmentation. However, FCM has the problems of depending on initial clustering centers, falling into local optimal solution easily, and sensitivity to noise disturbance. To solve these problems,(More)
  • Ma Li
  • 2012
The index system is established according to the reality of logistics enterprise, and fuzzy clustering analysis is used to cluster their distribution customers. Then a fuzzy similar matrix with characteristic function is constituted, the transitive closure of fuzzy similar matrix is computed. According to transitive closure, different λ-cut of(More)