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  • ZHU Xiao-Jing, HU Wei-Wu, MA Ke, ZHANG Long-Bing
  • 2007
A mesh-like topology for network on chip. Abstract: Network on chip (NoC) has many characteristics, such as less nodes number, shorter distance between the cores, the need of less physical implementation difficulty, and so on. To satisfy the special need of the NoC, this paper presents a new topology named Xmesh and its routing algorithm called XM. This(More)
The wireless sensor network's nodes are mostly distributed in the wild, and frequently in a state of unattended, therefore, the network vulnerable to various security threats. Under the condition of serious limitations in resources, the traditional network security system which needs to spend a lot of resources is no longer applicable. So, how to ensure the(More)
—This paper proposes and realizes the structure and realization method of an embedded network management system based on Web through intensive study and discussion of embedded network management technology based on Web. This structure and method expand the range of network management, apply network management to embedded devices, study and realize rich(More)
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