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From the current theories of Semantic Web and Ontology, this paper aims at exploring one way to construct, merge, map and evolve ontology in aviation product domain. Driven by its application background, the domain ontology is designed and built to support the "Auto-Mining System for Aviation Products". It merged with a Loom-based "military aircraft(More)
Signal to noise ratio in the deep space communication channel is so low that it is essential for deep space communication systems that information received is adequately used. Focused on the long delay and the high fading in the deep communication channel, a method of progressive robust image transmission is proposed based on the image compression(More)
Based on the review of current prediction algorithms of network security situation, prediction algorithms based on Kaiman filtering are studied. A prediction algorithm of network security situation based on grey correlation entropy Kaiman filtering is presented, hoping to be more helpful to network administrators through providing them information more(More)
In the modern Tactical Communication Network (TCN), the data service is playing increasingly important role. Aiming at the data service loading problem and referring to voice service model, the paper modified the model and introduced adhesion coefficient method to construct the service traffic matrix among posts in the TCN. Combining with the data service(More)
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  • 2006 International Conference on Computational…
  • 2006
In order to control the turbojet engine in the whole flight envelope, this paper will establish the self-adaptive PID neural network control on the basis of the combination of the identification network of the RBF neural network and the controller of the BP neural network. RBF neural network adopts the offline training and the on-line adaptation of weight(More)
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