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Clinical trial on treatment of knee osteoarthritis by the instrument of heat conduction sand treatment in Uyghur medicine
Objective To observe the curative effect of the instrument of teat conduction sand treatment in Uyghur medicine on knee osteoarthritis(KOA) in order to reduce the dosage of western medicine.MethodsExpand
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Association between the matrix metalloproteinase 3 promoter 5A/6A polymorphism and essential hypertension
Objective to investigate the possible impact of the polymorphism in 5A/6A MMP-3 gene promoter on the risk of essential hypertension in Han Lanzhou area population.Methods 104 hypertensiveExpand
The diagnostic value of local pressure enlarging photography in breast disease
Objective:To investigate the value of local point pressure photographic technique in the diagnosis of breast lesions.Methods:Suspicious lesions in f breast conventional photography of 65 cases wereExpand
The effect of Astragalus and Safflower mixture on expression of tissue inhibitors of motalloprotenase in renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis in rats with Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction
Objective:To investigate the theraputic effects and its mechanisms of Astragalus and Safflower mixture in rats with Unilatreal Ureteral Obstruction.Methods:Rat renal interstitial fibrosis model wasExpand
Clinical Observation and Nursing of Acute Leukemia Patients during Chemotherapy
Objective To summarize the experience of care chemotherapy in patients with acute leukemia.M ethods 60 cases of leukemia chemotherapy patients were randomly divided into two groups,the experimentalExpand
Relationship between CATSPERB, NR5A2 gene polymorphisms and Peak Bone Mineral Density in College Students in China
Abstract Background Peak bone mineral density (PBMD) is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, genes explains most of variation. As the novel candidate genes CATSPERB and NR5A2 mayExpand
Validate the classification of fungal rhinosinusitis: A retrospective analysis of 162 patients at a single institution
In 1997, deShazo et al.1, 2 conducted a literature review and proposed a novel classification of fungal rhinosinusitis. The authors divided fungal rhinosinusitis into invasive and noninvasive forms.Expand
Protective Effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge Against Seizure-induced Brain Injury in Young Rats
Objective To evaluate the protective effect and mechanism of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge(SMB) against seizureinduced cerebral neuron injury of premature rats.Methods Megimide(20mg/kg) was injected intoExpand
Multi-level Spinal Fusion in Treatment of Degenerative Lumbosacral Spinal Disorders
Objective: The purpose of this study is to determine the fusion rate and clinical outcome of patients who had three or more levels fusion versus one or two levels fusion. Methods: This study is basedExpand
Therapeutic effect of integrative medicine therapy on postnasal drip syndrome
Objective To observe the therapeutic effect of integrative medicine therapy(IMT) on postnasal drip syndrome.Methods Sixty-five cases with postnasal drip syndrome(PDS)were di- vided into 2 groups,withExpand