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Association between the matrix metalloproteinase 3 promoter 5A/6A polymorphism and essential hypertension
There was gender and age-specific differences in association of MMP-3 5A/6A polymorphism with hypertension in Lanzhou Han population, and no marked association could be found between 5 a/6 a polymorphism in M MP-3 gene and different blood pressure level. Expand
Relationship between CATSPERB, NR5A2 gene polymorphisms and Peak Bone Mineral Density in College Students in China
It is demonstrated the polymorphisms of the rs1298989 and rs3762397 are associated with PBMD both in Han and Uyghur subjects. Expand
Association between angiotensin II type 1 receptor gene A1166/C polymorphism and metabolic syndrome in Dongxiang minority of Gansu Province
There is no association between AT1R gene A1166/ C polymorphism and MS, the AC genotype is associated with essential hypertension and C allele may be a susceptible gene to hypertension in Dongxiang minority or Han people. Expand