Ma Flordeliza Sanchez

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BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a commonly reported cause of death and associated with smoking. However, COPD mortality is high in poor countries with low smoking rates. Spirometric restriction predicts mortality better than airflow obstruction, suggesting that the prevalence of restriction could explain mortality rates attributed(More)
Clozapine has been shown to be effective in treating schizophrenic patients. In this study we compare the efficacy of clozapine in two groups of treatment resistant psychotics (among the most severe inpatients). 5 chronic schizophrenics (CS). Age 49.6 +/- 12 (paranoid, disorganized residuals). 14 "mixed" patients (MP). Age 34.6 +/- 13, between: major(More)
Although almost fifteen cases have been reported since 1970, renal failure during a long term lithium therapy remains in the epidemiologic studies a rare pathology. Lithium treatment side effects can be considered in term of morphologic damages or in terms of kidney physiology impairments in filtration or concentration. For example it has long been known(More)
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