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INTRODUCTION New paradigms based on the multifactorial etiology of chronic diseases and behavioral outcomes suggest that a combination of health behaviors may have more impact on the outcome of interest than any single factor. OBJECTIVE To examine the independent and combined influence of four health behaviors on school performance in Spanish adolescents.(More)
BACKGROUND It is necessary to know the levels of physical activity (PA) for a better understanding of the development of chronic diseases in youth. The aim of this study was to assess levels of total PA and time spent in different PAintensities in Spanish adolescents by accelerometer. METHODS A sub-sample of 214 healthy Spanish adolescents (107 females),(More)
UNLABELLED What is already known about this subject Eating disorders are among the public health issues facing adolescents. An excess of body fat has been associated with an increased risk of these disorders. The association of physical fitness with eating disorders has not yet been analysed in adolescents. What this study adds This study confirms that the(More)
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