Ma Dolores Calero García

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Piophila Fallén, 1810 is a genus of small flies composed of two species: Piophila casei (P. casei) (Linnaeus, 1758), worldwide distributed, and Piophila megastigmata (P. megastigmata) McAlpine, 1978, recently referred in the Palaearctic Region, from the Iberian Peninsula. Both species share ecological niche and are very interesting for forensic purposes,(More)
Sarcophagids are a large family of Diptera, with a worldwide distribution. They are related to decomposing organic matter and are very interesting for health science and in forensic cases since many species produce myiasis and occur in human corpses. This family is considered difficult to study, particularly with regard to their immature stages, to which(More)
This article presents research on a learning potential assessment that was administered to 32 preschool children with typical development, and 32 with specific language impairment receiving treatment at CADIT: the Children's Center for Early Intervention and Development. The study's main objective was to examine whether the language-impaired group's(More)
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