Ma. A. Martinez

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Rice husks, coffee bean skins, sugar cane bagasse, maize cobs, saw dust and fine charcoal dust were evaluated as filters for the removal of heavy metals (Cu and Zn) from the waste water of swine raising installations. The specific mass, pH and the sum of bases and removable acids were determined to characterize each of the filter materials. Each filtering(More)
In order to better understand the relationship between soil characteristics and mobility of some heavy metals, correlation studies were conducted in samples of unlimed and limed A, B and C horizons of three Brazilian soils, representative of the majority of the tropical soils. A number of chemical and mineralogical characteristics of one Oxisol and two(More)
Cork is one of the finest natural materials with high acoustic insulation properties due to its porous structure. In addition, cork presents high water resistance due to its hydrophobic nature. In many applications, cork panels need to be bonded to other materials for manufacturing composite materials or agglomerated cork sheets. In this case, its lack of(More)
We present a new type of electromagnetic planar metamaterial that exhibit strong dispersion at a local minimum of losses and is believed to be the first metamaterial analog of electromagnetically induced transparency. We demonstrate that pulses propagating through such metamaterials experience considerable delay, whereas the thickness of the structure along(More)
The interplay between chromatic dispersion and nonlinear effects is crucial for an efficient exploitation of non linear propagation in photonic crystal fibers (PCF). Once a PCF preform has been prepared, changing the parameters that control the fabrication process it is possible to adjust the dispersion properties of the fiber. In addition, it is(More)
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