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It has been argued that pressure tuning allows for unambiguous assignment of the nonperturbed bands involved in the Fermi coupling of molecular systems in the condensed phase. Here we study the pressure evolution of the Fermi resonance occurring in liquid methanol between the symmetric methyl-stretch fundamental and the methyl-bending overtones. Our(More)
Brillouin spectra obtained in dynamic light-scattering experiments are reported for the three isomeric xylenes (ortho-, meta-, and paradimethylbenzenes) between 288 and 363 K. Limiting sound velocities and relaxation times, as obtained from the polarized spectra using the theory developed by Mountain [J. Res. Natl. Bur. Stand. 70A, 207 (1966)], reveal the(More)
A reliable, accurate, and inexpensive optical detector for table-top applications is described here. Based on a commercial high resolution office scanner coupled to a projection plate, the detector offers a large image plate surface, allowing recording of sizeable images without systematic errors associated with coupling optics aberrations. Several tests on(More)
The vibrational spectrum of liquids constituted of chain molecules is difficult to analyze because it may have contributions of different rotational isomers. In turn, with a proper vibrational assignment, this feature allows us to extract information about the effect of temperature or pressure on the molecular conformations in the liquid state. In this(More)
Abstract. The Boltzmann–Poisson system modeling the electron flow in semiconductors is used to discuss the validity of the Child–Langmuir asymptotics. The scattering kernel is approximated by a simple relaxation time operator. The Child–Langmuir limit gives an approximation of the currentvoltage characteristic curves by means of a scaling procedure in which(More)
We present Raman spectroscopy experiments in dimethylacetylene (DMA) using a sapphire anvil cell up to 4 GPa at room temperature. DMA presents phase transitions at 0.2 GPa (liquid to phase I) and 0.9 GPa, which have been characterized by changes in the Raman spectrum of the sample. At pressures above 2.6 GPa several bands split into two components,(More)
We have carried out a systematic study of abiotic precipitation at different temperatures of several Mg and Ca carbonates (calcite, nesquehonite, hydrocalcite) present in carbonaceous chondrites. This study highlights the capability of Raman spectroscopy as a primary tool for performing full mineralogical analysis. The precipitation reaction and the(More)
We use a dynamic light scattering technique to measure both polarized (VV) and depolarized (VH) spectra of liquid diphenylmethane (DPM) between 288 and 362 K, covering both normal and supercooled liquid ranges. Our results allow extracting information on structural relaxation processes, rotational motions, rotation-translation couplings, and molecular(More)
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