Maŕıa Jesús Bayarri

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The present study reports on the daily and seasonal variations in plasma melatonin concentration, and also in optic tectum and hypothalamus melatonin binding sites, in male European sea bass maintained under natural photoperiod (NP) or continuous light (LL) from early stages of development. Samples were collected on a 24-h cycle, at four physiological(More)
A specific chronology for puberty and changes at the brain-pituitary-gonad axis for sea bass are reviewed. Recent findings demonstrate that the Kisspeptin system, gonadotropin releasing hormones, follicle stimulating hormone, 11-ketotestosterone, and leptin are potential candidates for the onset of puberty of this fish species, stressing the importance of(More)
In this paper, we consider that observations Y come from a general normal linear model and that it is desired to test a simplifying (null) hypothesis about the parameters. We approach this problem from an objective Bayesian, model selection perspective. Crucial ingredients for this approach are ‘proper objective priors’ to be used for deriving the Bayes(More)
Queues and networks queues are systems which have been widely and successfully applied to the modelling and study of the performance of complex interacting stochastic systems, in which congestion occur. The intuitive notion of a waiting line adequately conveys the idea behind queueing systems, and queueing networks arise when customers require more than one(More)
Replications of experiments are endlessly performed in applied research areas. However , and in spite of this widespread use, systematic studies of the goals and motivations of a \replication" are rare. As a consequence, there does not seem to be a precise notion of what a \success" when replicating means. In this paper we collect an systematize some of the(More)
Maybe the main difficulty for objective Bayesian hypothesis testing (and model selection in general), is that usual objective improper priors can not be used for parameters not occurring in all of the models. In this paper we introduce (objective) proper prior distributions for hypothesis testing and model selection based on measures of divergence between(More)
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