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BACKGROUND Dynamic MRI is routinely used in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors to supplement static imaging. The aim of our study was to assess the diagnostic value of dynamic MRI using the coefficient of total tumor enhancement expressed as per cent (tec%) and the tumor enhancement rate coefficient expressed as per cent per minute (erc%/min), and to make(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study is to evaluate disease-free survival, survival from the detection of brain metastases, overall survival, and cause of death in patients with occult brain metastases (Group I) vs. patients with symptomatic brain metastases (Group II). METHODS AND MATERIALS In 80 HER2-positive breast cancer patients, treated with trastuzumab and(More)
Leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata(LPD) is a rare smooth muscle pathology, characterized by the presence of multiple tumors in peritoneal cavity mimicking a malignant process with metastases. The diagnosis may be difficult in some cases as the results of ultrasonography and CT imaging may suggest malignancy. The final diagnosis was made on biopsy and(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to analyze the diagnostic usefulness of dynamic MRI with determination of the coefficient of enhancement rate and the character of tumor enhancement, and to assess both parameters in the differentiation of malignant lesions. MATERIAL/METHODS The material consisted of 45 patients (30 sarcomas, 15 non-malignant lesions),(More)
Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma (MChS) is a rare, high-grade malignant tumor which occurs both in the bone and soft tissue. The extraskeletal location comprises one third of all MChS and in review of the up-to-date literature, about 30 cases of the orbital involvement were found. The authors present clinical, radiological and pathological findings of two cases(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of our study was to evaluate CNS pathology due to chemotherapy neurotoxicity, using MRI and localized proton MRS in patients with lung cancer treated with cisplatine, Vinca alkaloids and etoposide. A reduction in N-acetylaspartate was expected as a result of chemotherapy neurotoxicity. METHODS 31 patients aged 42 to 73 years(More)
816 Background: The aim of the study was to evaluate late myocardial and pulmonary damage in breast cancer patients, after mastectomy and adjuvant sequential chemo-radiotherapy. METHODS Forty seven women with stage II and III breast cancer had mastectomy and sequential chemo-radiotherapy. In 40 patients (pts) chemotherapy with antracyclines and in 7-(More)
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