Małgorzata Suwała

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Smoking tobacco increases the risk of numerous diseases as well as death due to tumours, cardiovascular and respiratory system diseases. It has been estimated that one of three smokers will die prematurely because of complications induced by smoking tobacco. Quitting smoking after turning 65 years old decreases the risk of chronic diseases and increases the(More)
Cervical cancer constitutes a serious public health problem in Poland as well as worldwide. Its main risk factor is HPV virus infection (especially type 16 and 18) but also a wide range of other factors associated with sexual behaviour, including tobacco smoking. The most important part of cervical cancer prevention is immunotherapy as well as reduction and(More)
UNLABELLED It has been estimated that current tobacco smoking will cause about 450 million deaths worldwide in the next fifty years. The intense search for effective methods of smoking reduction continues. Minimal Intervention Strategy (MIS) is a simple, cost saving as well as efficient method of smoking limitation. The survey analyzed the use of MIS by(More)
UNLABELLED The epidemiological research results show that quitting smoking tobacco by elderly people (> or = 65 year old) reduces the risk of cancer both for men and women and there is a substantial cardiovascular system improvement after a one-year-period. From the medical and economic point of view it is purposeful to explore the smoking model of this age(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the kind of alcohol disorders and their recurrence among students of medicine. Authors analysed 143 people using Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT). It was found that 54.2% of students drink alcohol once a month or rarely, and 41.5% at least twice a month. The standard amount of alcohol for 53.1% of(More)
UNLABELLED The risk of numerous diseases development as well as death due to cancer, coronary and pulmonary diseases, is higher among smokers than non-smokers. It is estimated that one in three smokers will die prematurely of complications caused by smoking tobacco. Quitting smoking, even by patients over 65 years old, diminishes the risk of death and(More)
It was confirmed that recreational use of opiates causes social and health problems and the more addicted the person is, the more often such problems occur. One hundred and four subjects, the users of the Internet forum on psychoactive substances www., who at least once in their life had used opiates to become intoxicated, were included(More)
The quitting of tobacco smoking has advantageous influence on morbidity and mortality in each age. A reduction of deaths for cardiovascular reasons in the earliest. The research has taken over a random sample of people aged 65 and more, living in Łódź- Górna district. The 57.4% turnout to the research enabled to obtain data from 828 people (288 men and 540(More)
Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the world. In 2010 17.6% of polish adult population (age 15-64) and 37.3% of youth (age 17-18) declared use of marijuana at least once in their lifetime. Recent years in Poland brought back public discussion regarding decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. The main goal of the study was to reveal the(More)
The use of psychoactive substances by children and teenagers is an important public healthcare issue in Poland. Starting smoking by teenagers increases the likelihood of addiction to smoking later as well as getting numerous smoking related diseases. The aim of the study was to examine the smoking prevalence and its conditionings for the 15-year-olds living(More)