Małgorzata Rusek

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We describe the traditional nonfractal and the new fractal methods used to analyze the currents through ion channels in the cell membrane. We discuss the hidden assumptions used in these methods and how those assumptions lead to different interpretations of the same experimental data. The nonfractal methods assumed that channel proteins have a small number(More)
A method for the determination of residues of mesotrione, atrazine and its degradation products: deethylatrazine, hydroxyatrazine, deisopropylatrazine, desethyldesisopropylatrazine in a variety of water and soil matrices has been developed. Mesotrione is a new selective herbicide for use in corn, which has been substituted for atrazine, which has been(More)
We have studied the distribution of resonance widths P(Gamma) in one-, two-, and three-dimensional multiple light scattering systems. P(Gamma) should follow a universal power law P(Gamma) approximately Gamma(-1) in the localized regime as confirmed by extensive numerical calculations. This behavior can be interpreted as an unambiguous signature of(More)
The ionization dynamics of Ar and Xe clusters irradiated with intense vacuum ultraviolet light from a free-electron laser is investigated using photoelectron spectroscopy. Clusters comprising between 70 and 900 atoms were irradiated with femtosecond pulses at 95 nm wavelength (approximately 13 eV photon energy) and a peak intensity of approximately 4 x(More)
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