Małgorzata Paszkiewicz

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Biofilms are probably one of the most common structures formed by microorganisms in various environments. The higher resistance of such microbial communities to stress conditions, including antibiotics and host immune response, is recently extensively studied. However, the weak activity of phagocytic cells against microbial biofilm is not yet fully(More)
Tuberculosis remains an enormous global burden, despite wide vaccination coverage with the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG), the only vaccine available against this disease, indicating that BCG-driven immunity is insufficient to protect the human population against tuberculosis. In this study we constructed recombinant BCG producing human IL-18 (rBCGhIL-18)(More)
Due to constantly increasing antibiotic resistance of pathogens and participation of the biofilms they make in various types of infections, a development of alternative therapeutic strategies becomes an urgent need. Taking advantage of the biological activity of plant-derived compounds can solve this problem. In this study antimicrobial, including those(More)
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