Małgorzata Kowalska

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BACKGROUND To evaluate the clinical utility of spectral analysis of intraocular pressure pulse wave in healthy eyes of a control group (CG), patients having glaucomatous optic disc appearance or ocular hypertension, and patients with primary open angle glaucoma or primary angle closure glaucoma. METHODS This is a prospective study that enrolled 296(More)
The properties of exotic nuclei on the verge of existence play a fundamental part in our understanding of nuclear interactions. Exceedingly neutron-rich nuclei become sensitive to new aspects of nuclear forces. Calcium, with its doubly magic isotopes (40)Ca and (48)Ca, is an ideal test for nuclear shell evolution, from the valley of stability to the limits(More)
The neutron-rich isotopes of cadmium up to the N=82 shell closure have been investigated by high-resolution laser spectroscopy. Deep-uv excitation at 214.5 nm and radioactive-beam bunching provided the required experimental sensitivity. Long-lived isomers are observed in (127)Cd and (129)Cd for the first time. One essential feature of the spherical shell(More)
Laser spectroscopy of cadmium isotopes confirms the applicability of the nuclear shell model, even for very complex structures. Atomic nuclei are finite many-body systems governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. The quest for a thorough understanding of the quantum structure of nuclei is far from finished, even after some seventy years of investigation ,(More)
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