Małgorzata Korczak

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Expression of 12 positional candidates for QTL affecting shell thickness at 53 wk of lay age (ST53) was investigated by real-time PCR in the distal part of chicken oviducts (uterus) with a forming eggshell. In the local chicken breed Green-legged Partridgenous, the complete cDNA CR523443 (ChEST985k21) was downregulated with ratio of means 0.49 (P < or =(More)
The objective of this study was to determine microsatellite polymorphism in Rhode Island Red (RIR) and Sussex (SX) chickens, divergently selected over six generations for high (H) or low (L) incidence of skeletal defects in embryos (30.7% for H lines, 3.7% for L lines). The polymorphism analysis covered 15 microsatellite markers within four lines (a total(More)
In this preliminary study, differentially expressed genes were investigated in cranial tissues from chickens with hereditary exencephaly using cDNA microarrays containing 1,152 genes and expressed sequence tags (ESTs). Genes showing twofold or greater differences at P < 0.05 between affected and normal cranial cells were considered to be candidates for(More)
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