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Relatively little is known of the genetic control of chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) and pigment traits important in determining efficiency of photosynthesis in wheat and its association with biomass productivity. A doubled haploid population of 94 lines from the wheat cross Chinese Spring × SQ1 was trialled under optimum glasshouse conditions for 4 years to(More)
Genetically modified (GM) food is discussed as an example of the controversial relation between the intrinsic uncertainty of the scientific approach and the demand of citizen-consumers to use products of science innovation that are known to be safe. On the whole, peer-reviewed studies on GM food safety do not note significant health risks, with a few(More)
The QTLs controlling germination and early seedling growth were mapped using seeds acquired from mapping population and parental lines of Chinese Spring and SQ1 grown under water-limited conditions, severe drought (SDr) and well-watered plants (C). Germination ability was determined by performing a standard germination test based on the quantification of(More)
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