Małgorzata Grześkowiak

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BACKGROUND This study evaluates possible circadian rhythms during prolonged midazolam infusion in 27 pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) children under mechanical ventilation. METHODS Blood samples for midazolam and 1-OH-midazolam assay were collected throughout the infusion at different times of the day. The blood pressure, heart rate and body(More)
Studies on the relationship between the binding of fMet-Leu-Phe and the respiratory response in human neutrophils have been carried out under two different conditions of stimulus presentation, i.e., instantaneously and over a period of time. The main findings are as follows (1) Under the first condition the activation of the respiratory response reaches the(More)
BACKGROUND Human cognitive functioning can be assessed using different methods of testing. Age, level of education, and gender may influence the results of cognitive tests. MATERIAL AND METHODS The well-known Trail Making Test (TMT), which is often used to measure the frontal lobe function, and the experimental test of Interval Timing (IT) were compared.(More)
Introduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate two measures in a cognitive examination: psychomotor function and the perception of time (PT) in patients after intravenous anesthesia for endoscopic procedures. Material and Methods. We tested 23 anesthetized patients (Anesthesia Group, AG) and 17 not anesthetized patients (Control Group, CG). The Dufour(More)
Endoscopic procedures of the gastrointestinal tract were successfully introduced into paediatric practice in the 1970s. Recent expansive development has become useful for improvement of both diagnosis and treatment in many children with gastrointestinal diseases. Most of these procedures are performed under procedural sedation (PSA) knowing anatomical,(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to examine the phonological functioning (reading speed and accuracy) of hospital patients under general anaesthesia administered during colonoscopy. METHODS In this study the 'Łatysz' non-word reading test was used to measure the impact of selected anaesthetics on the phonological aspect of language processing (defined(More)
BACKGROUND Emergencies can occur at any time during pregnancy. In addition to obstetricians and midwives, anesthesiologists should also be familiar with pregnancy-related emergencies. The aim of this study was to assess the basic and advanced knowledge regarding the management of pregnancy-related emergencies of anesthesiologists. METHODS An anonymous(More)
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