Małgorzata Godlewska

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Hydroacoustical surveys in the Piaseczno reservoir were performed in May and September 2002 using a Biosonics 101 dual beam echo sounder. They have revealed very scarce fish populations in pelagic waters with twice-higher abundance in autumn (530 fish ha−1) as compared with spring (280 fish ha−1). Small and very small fish (below 10 cm length) dominated.(More)
Recently proposed accounts of intuitive judgments of semantic coherence assume that processing fluency results in a positive affective response leading to successful assessment of semantic coherence. The present paper investigates whether processing fluency may indicate semantic incoherence as well. In two studies, we employ a new paradigm in which(More)
The idea of exchange encompasses the notions of borrowing, adding, and constructing something different in place of the original out of which the new emerges. It also, however, implies dependence since the movement away from—or, as the prefix ex-indicates, beyond—the original points to the new construct's reliance upon the old, unmasking thus its uncertain(More)
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