Małgorzata Dzierzęcka

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The evaluation of the structure of the spongious substance of the tibiotarsal (TT) bones of the domestic duck aged 4 to 8 wk was performed using radiological analysis. The Trabecula program (Czerwiński, 1994) used in the study identified a map of radiological trabeculae and calculated the number, average volume, density, and width of trabeculae. It was(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal phalanges in horses are among bones that are most prone to injuries. So far, the detailed analysis of densitometric and geometric parameters of both front legs proximal phalanges in horses has not been investigated. The aim of this study was to compare the densitometric and geometric parameters between proximal phalanges in equine both(More)
The research was conducted during the hunting season in Poland from May to September 2012 in which materials of 58 roe deer bucks carcass, antler and testis masses were compared. In addition, the size of testes with epididymides was assessed. Significantly enlarged testes masses were observed in May till July (one-way ANOVA and LSD test). In August and(More)
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