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Current knowledge about the effect of alcoholic beverages on postprandial functioning of the digestive system is scarce and inconsistent. This study addresses their influence upon meal movement along the gut and meal-induced gallbladder emptying. Three examination blocks involved each 12 healthy volunteers. Ingestion of a solid 1485 kJ meal was followed by(More)
The aim of this study was to check on the reproducibility of two breath tests intended to test the pancreatic exocrine function accomplished with (13)C-mixed triglyceride ((13)C-MTG) or cornflakes naturally enriched in (13)C ((13)C-CF). The (13)CO₂ content within breath samples was determined with isotope-selective non-dispersive infrared spectrometry. A(More)
The present study was aimed to improve and simplify the 13C-mixed TAG (13C-MTG) breath test while keeping it acceptable for the patient. Healthy volunteers (ten women and eight men) were examined on four occasions, receiving in a random order 300 mg 13C-MTG: (1) contained in two wafers; (2) administered with a 50 g wheat roll; as well as given with either(More)
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