Małgorzata Bińkowska

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OBJECTIVES The objective of the study was to investigate the time of last screening mammography as well as frequency of regular mammography examinations in Polish female population aged 45 to 54. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study, conducted in April 2004, included Polish nation-wide representative random sample of 1083 women. The study was adjusted for(More)
INTRODUCTION Infants born between the 34(th) - 36(th) week of pregnancy account for 75% of all preterm infants. Their seemingly slight immaturity is related to serious health problems. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to analyse perinatal factors that influence the occurrence in infants of such problems as respiratory failure, metabolic problems and(More)
Placenta accreta is characterized by excessive penetration of the villi into the myometrium, which obstructs its correct separation during stage III of labor. That in turn leads to a potentially life-threatening maternal hemorrhage. Until recently this pathology has been a rare occurrence but currently it is fifty times more prevalent. Placenta accreta is(More)
1 Hormonalną terapię menopauzy należy traktować jako ważny element opieki zdrowotnej nad kobietą w okresie okołomenopauzalnym i po menopauzie, którego celem jest zarówno poprawa jakości życia, jak i zapobieganie niekorzystnym następstwom przewlekłego niedoboru estrogenów. Hormonalna terapia menopauzy powinna być częścią działań prozdrowotnych, które(More)
BACKGROUND Renal angiomyolipoma is a rare benign tumour composed of adipose tissue, blood vessels and smooth muscles. However it can locally grow to a great size and its numerous blood vessels may cause major bleeding requiring immediate intervention. CASE At 20th week of pregnancy a previously healthy 26-year old pregnant woman with an episode of sudden(More)
OBJECTIVES We explored the religious views and dilemmas of Polish women making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. The article discusses the highly restrictive legislation and significant influence of the Church on the lives of Polish citizens. METHODS This study was designed to investigate the effect of religious and political beliefs, social and(More)
Now triphasic contraceptive preparations are used widely. Some news low dose formulations are available on the market, among them Trisiston. The study was conducted to confirm clinically acceptance and effectiveness of Trisiston. There were 437 volunteers mostly multiparous, with a mean age of +/- 25 years who participated in a multi center study. They were(More)