Maïtine Bergounioux

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We consider an optimal control problem where the state satisfies a bilateral elliptic variational inequality and the control functions are the upper and lower obstacles. We seek a state that is close to a desired profile and the H norms of the obstacles are not too large. Existence results are given and an optimality system is derived. A particular case is(More)
Abstract. This paper deals with a method of tomographic reconstruction of radially symmetric objects from a single radiograph, in order to study the behavior of shocked material. The usual tomographic reconstruction algorithms such as generalized inverse or filtered back-projection cannot be applied here because data are very noisy and the inverse problem(More)
This paper deals with texture characterization of trabecular bone radiographs. The proposed method is based on the variational decomposition of the original image as three components which describe the macroand the microtexture as well as a third part representing contrast and luminance of the image. Each component is analyzed using different texture(More)