Maïa Kuga

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This study evaluated an automated immunoassay for bovine lactoferrin (LF) in dairy products based on latex beads coated with F(ab′)2 fragments. Methods: F(ab′)2 fragments were obtained by pepsin digestion of rabbit anti-bovine LF (IgG fraction) and polystyrene latex beads were coated with the F(ab′)2 fragments. We used the beads to develop a rapid and(More)
In the nascent solar system, primitive organic matter was a major contributor of volatile elements to planetary bodies, and could have played a key role in the development of the biosphere. However, the origin of primitive organics is poorly understood. Most scenarios advocate cold synthesis in the interstellar medium or in the outer solar system. Here, we(More)
Reconstructing the original biogeochemistry of organic fossils requires quantifying the extent of the chemical transformations that they underwent during burial-induced maturation processes. Here, we performed laboratory experiments on chemically different organic materials in order to simulate the thermal maturation processes that occur during diagenesis.(More)
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