Maíra Ribeiro Rodrigues

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This paper describes a system of values for modelling social exchanges among agents in artificial societies. The system consists of an algebra of <i>exchange values</i>, a social-reasoning mechanism based on that algebra, and the specification of structures for storing and manipulating such values. The notion of exchange values used here is the one defined(More)
In non-economic cooperative applications with resource constraints , explicitly motivating cooperation is important so that autonomous service providers have incentives to cooperate. When participants of such applications have different skills and expectations over services, it may be that an agent receives less than expected from a cooperation. A(More)
The benefits of open and cooperative systems, popular because of the functionality they offer for sharing resources free of charge, are only achievable if there is an incentive to cooperate, and if participants are able to make effective decisions about the cooperations in which they participate. In this context, the key contribution of this paper is a(More)
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