Maíra R. Rodrigues

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The enrichment analysis is a standard procedure to interpret 'omics' experiments that generate large gene lists as outputs, such as transcriptomics and protemics. However, despite the huge success of enrichment analysis in these classes of experiments, there is a surprising lack of application of this methodology to survey other categories of large-scale(More)
In bioinformatics, it is important to build extensible and low-maintenance systems that are able to deal with the new tools and data formats that are constantly being developed. The traditional and simplest implementation of pipelines involves hardcoding the execution steps into programs or scripts. This approach can lead to problems when a pipeline is(More)
MOTIVATION The 1000 Genomes Project (1KGP) and thousands of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) performed during the last years have generated an enormous amount of information that needs to be integrated to better understand the genetic architecture of complex diseases in different populations. This integration is important in areas such as genetics,(More)
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