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BACKGROUND Iron overload is responsible for severe morbidity and mortality in polytransfused patients. Although repeated blood transfusions are needed during the treatment of most cancers, pediatric patients are not routinely screened for subsequent iron overload. PROCEDURE Seventy-five patients were identified as candidates for cancer treatment and(More)
Therapeutic advances in paediatric oncology allowed increasing numbers of children to survive until adulthood. However, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are potentially cardiotoxic and contribute to a significant morbidity and mortality, cardiovascular events remaining the leading cause of death among survivors. This review summarizes the physiopathology of(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiotoxicity is one of the most serious long-term complications in childhood cancer survivors. Measurement of the left ventricular ejection and shortening fraction remains the most common screening tool for cardiac systolic dysfunction. However, M-mode echocardiography can be viewed as a crude approach as refined strategies are now available.(More)
Background Cardiotoxic chemotherapy including anthracyclines remains a standard of care in paediatric cancers. Recent data suggest that heart failure secondary to chemotherapy is, to some degree, reversible, but requires early detection and prompt intervention. Since a substantial proportion of paediatric patients still develop heart failure, this work aims(More)
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