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Increasing evidence of senescence has been reported from long-term studies of wild populations. However, most studies have focused on life-history traits like survival, reproduction or body mass, generally from a single intensively monitored population. However, variation in the intensity of senescence across populations, and to a lesser extent between(More)
Retrospective studies and surveillance on humans and animals revealed that Rift Valley Fever virus (RVFV) has been circulating on Mayotte for at least several years. A study was conducted in 2011 to estimate the seroprevalence of RVF in humans and in animals and to identify associated risk factors. Using a multistage cluster sampling method, 1420(More)
An efficient immunity is necessary for host survival, but entails energetic costs. When energy is limited, immunocompetence and body condition should co-vary positively among individuals and, depending on body condition, individuals should allocate more either in innate immunity or in adaptive response. We tested whether immune phenotype depends on body(More)
Studies of the impact of parasites on host performance have mainly focused on body mass, a phenotypic trait that responds relatively slowly to the presence of parasites, and the expectedly faster response of physiological parameters has been mostly overlooked. We filled the gap by measuring the impact of endoparasites on four hematological/biochemical(More)
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