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The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours of meeting recordings. It is being created in the context of a project that is developing meeting browsing technology and will eventually be released publicly. Some of the meetings it contains are naturally occurring, and some are elicited, particularly using a scenario in which the(More)
The aim of this report is to describe the browsers that have been developed by various groups within the IM2 1 project, highlighting goals, design methodologies, key functionalities and evaluation methods used by each. The paper concludes with a tabular overview of the media, input and output modalities and special functionalities handled by each browser,(More)
This position paper describes the IDIAP smart meeting room, the data streams it can capture, and some of the processing results that can be obtained from this data. It also describes a media browser whose aim is to enable interactive navigation within meeting recordings, and quickly find and play back segments of interest within these recordings.
We present an interactive content-based video browser allowing fast, non linear and hierarchical navigation of video over the Internet through multiple levels of key-frames that provide a visual summary of video content. Our method is based on an XML framework, dynamically generated parameterized XSL style sheets, and SMIL. The architecture is designed to(More)
In the inEvent EU project [1], we aim at structuring, retrieving , and sharing large archives of networked, and dynamically changing, multimedia recordings, mainly consisting of meetings, videoconferences, and lectures. More specifically, we are developing an integrated system that performs audiovisual processing of multimedia recordings, and labels them in(More)
W hen researchers attend an international scientific conference, they often miss interesting presentations held in parallel and don't always have time to read all of the interesting papers. The main motivations behind our webcasting company, Klewel, were to go beyond text-based conference proceedings to offer a user-friendly way to browse and replay(More)
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