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Restoration of T cell function of athymic BALB/c nu/nu mice was investigated after transplantation of xenogeneic thymic rudiments from 15-d-old embryonic rats into kidney subcapsule. The rudiments developed well and formed a proper thymus structure composed of donor epithelia and host lymphocytes. Examination of antibody responses to SRBC revealed that(More)
The ACI rats developed hereditary renal malformations including agenesis and hydronephrosis at moderate penetrance. During construction of a variety of congenic strains based on ACI/Mna (ACI), BUF/Mna (BUF), and WKY/NCrj (WKY) rats, we found that the renal malformations were significantly suppressed by introgression of a segment of chromosome 13 of BUF rats(More)
BUF/Mna strain rats spontaneously develop slowly progressing mild-moderate muscle atrophy of extensor digitorum longus, tibialis, and extraocular muscles, which consist mainly of fast-twitch type fibers, at nearly 100% incidence. They have lighter extensor digitorum longus muscles than soleus muscles, when alive for more than 6 weeks. Genetic segregation of(More)
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