MS Lin Li MD

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Background. Chronic hepatitis B infection is the most common cause of liver cancer among Cambodians. Our objective was to describe Cambodian Americans’ hepatitis B knowledge, testing, and vaccination levels. Methods. A community-based telephone survey was conducted in Seattle. Our study sample included 111 individuals. Results. Less than one half (46%) of(More)
There is little information about the heart disease prevention behavior of Asian immigrants. Chinese are the largest Asian sub-group in the United States (US), and 69% of Chinese Americans are foreign-born. Our objective was to describe Chinese immigrants’ heart disease prevention practices. A community-based, in-person survey of Chinese men and women was(More)
Background. Chinese immigrants to North America experience cancer-related health disparities and underutilize preventive care. Little is known about Chinese immigrants' sources of health information. Methods. A population-based survey of Chinese immigrants was conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Seattle, Washington. Results. The study group(More)
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