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P hysicians and other health care providers want to assure the best possible health outcomes for their patients. However, we do not work in a vacuum and often find ourselves in a conundrum. 1–3 Health outcomes are influenced by the political, economic, and organizational environments in which we practice, teach, and do research, as well as by our own(More)
BACKGROUND: In an era of rising health care costs, many Americans experience difficulty paying for needed health care services. With costs expected to continue rising, changes to private insurance plans and public programs aimed at containing costs may have a negative impact on Americans’ ability to afford care. OBJECTIVES: To provide estimates of the(More)
Patients are vulnerable to medication-related errors during transitions in care. Patients discharged from acute care hospitals may be at an elevated risk for the unintentional continuation of medications prescribed to prevent or treat complications that are associated with acute illness but are no longer indicated. We sought to evaluate rates of (primary(More)
Capitation-based reimbursement significantly influences the practice of medicine. As physicians, we need to assure that payment models do not jeopardize the care we provide when we accept higher levels of personal financial risk. In this paper, we review the literature relevant to capitation, consider the interaction of financial incentives with physician(More)
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