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AIMS To determine the incidence and aetiology of heart failure in the general population. METHODS AND RESULTS New cases of heart failure were identified from a population of 151 000 served by 82 general practitioners in Hillingdon, West London through surveillance of acute hospital admissions and through a rapid access clinic to which general(More)
BACKGROUND The reliability of a clinical diagnosis of heart failure in primary care is poor. Concentrations of natriuretic peptides are high in heart failure. This population-based study examined the predictive value of natriuretic peptides in patients with a new primary-care diagnosis of heart failure. METHODS Concentrations of plasma atrial (ANP and(More)
OBJECTIVES  This study sought to examine how patients' mood and quality of life (QoL) change during the early high-risk period after a diagnosis of heart failure (HF) and to identify factors that may influence change. DESIGN  A within-subjects, repeated-measures design was used. Assessments took place within 4 weeks of diagnosis and 6 months later. (More)
In patients with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), the very low frequency power spectral density index (VLFI) derived from analysis of heart rate correlates with the severity of obstructive apnoeas. VLFI is also associated with Cheyne-Stokes respiration/central sleep apnoea (CSR/CSA) in congestive heart failure (CHF). The present authors have tested the(More)
AIM To describe and evaluate the methods currently used to summarize, depict, and analyse hospitalization data in clinical studies of patients with heart failure. METHODS AND RESULTS Studies published during 1999 and 2000 were reviewed if they reported hospitalization data collected during the follow-up of a defined group of adults who had been diagnosed(More)
DESIGN Randomised crossover trial with 6 months of standard best practice clinical care (control group) and 6 months with the addition of telemonitoring. PARTICIPANTS 68 patients with chronic lung disease (38 with COPD; 30 with chronic respiratory failure due to other causes), who had a hospital admission for an exacerbation within 6 months of(More)
BACKGROUND Symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue, and ankle swelling are common in general practice but deciding which patients are likely to have heart failure is challenging. AIM To evaluate the performance of a clinical decision rule (CDR), with or without N-Terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) assay, for identifying heart failure. (More)
A rguably the greatest therapeutic breakthroughs have resulted from increased medical specialisation, particularly in major disciplines, such as cardiology and respiratory medicine. Generalism now remains the province of primary and community care, and of elderly care teams. However, what works well for research may work against the delivery of these(More)
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