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Patients who leave hospitals against medical advice (AMA) may be at risk for adverse health outcomes. Their decision to leave may not be clearly understood by providers. This study explored providers’ experiences with and attitudes toward patients who leave the hospital AMA. To explore providers’ experiences with and attitudes toward patients who leave the(More)
In the United States, 1 in 6 women report a lifetime prevalence of sexual assault. Few population-based studies have examined the association between sexual assault victimization on health care utilization and unhealthy behaviors. To assess the relationship between experiencing sexual assault and health care utilization and unhealthy behaviors among a(More)
Patient activation interventions (PAIs) engage patients in care by promoting increased knowledge, confidence, and/or skills for disease self-management. However, little is known about the impact of these interventions on a wide range of outcomes for adults with type 2 diabetes (DM2), or which of these interventions, if any, have the greatest impact on(More)
Demand for faculty with teaching expertise is increasing as medical education is becoming well established as a career pathway. Junior faculty may be expected to take on teaching responsibilities with minimal training in teaching skills. To address the faculty development needs of junior clinician-educators with teaching responsibilities and those changing(More)
R emember the first time you watched a master clinician work through a diagnostic dilemma or clinical unknown case and easily arrive at the correct diagnosis? That person most likely seemed calm with little stress, asked the right questions at the right time, and often reflected on the information they gleaned from the case. If the clinician described how(More)
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