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As the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Services Research and Development Service’s Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) has progressed, health information technology (HIT) has occupied a crucial role in implementation research projects. We evaluated the role of HIT in VA QUERI implementation research, including HIT use and development,(More)
T he Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system and has the benefit of a sizeable budget for research to improve Veterans’ health and healthcare. Thus, many outsiders assume that research has always been tightly integrated with VHA clinical operations and policy. In reality, for years researchers and operations(More)
Weight management medications (WMM) are underutilized as an adjunct to behavioral and lifestyle interventions. In fiscal years 2014–2015, a total of approximately 2500 veterans—a mere 2% of veterans receiving care from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)—eligible for a WMM received a prescription for one. A State of the Art Conference on Weight(More)
T he challenge of how to speed and sustain improvements in a complex health system continues to be a vexing one. It’s a challenge that has become even more urgent because of the current proposals for national health care reform. The success of that reform will depend in large part on whether we can learn how to transform our health care system into one that(More)
M any are familiar with the adage that Byou can’t improve what you can’t measure.^Adopting clinical performance measures was an important part of the VA transformation of the 1990s, and measuring clinical performance has become an integral part of current efforts to drive improvement under Medicare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and in programs run by(More)
C l inical pract ice gu ide l ines have b e e n a f u n d a m e n t a l c o m p o n e n t of med ica l prac t ice s ince one phys ic ian first a sked a n o t h e r how to m a n a g e a pat ient . A cl inical pract ice guidel ine is formal ly def ined as a p re fo rmed rec o n m l e n d a t i o n m a d e for the pu rpose of in f luenc ing a decis ion a b o u(More)
THE EXPLOSION in health care expendi tures has drawn attention to the costs associated with diagnostic tests. While debate usually focuses on the cos t -e f fec t iveness of new "bigt icket" technologies such as magnet ic resonance imaging, the costs generated by rout ine items, such as lab tests and radiographs, can be substantial. Defining the appropr ia(More)
Collaboration between policy, research, and clinical partners is crucial to achieving proven quality care. The Veterans Health Administration has expended great efforts towards fostering such collaborations. Through this, we have learned that an ideal collaboration involves partnership from the very beginning of a new clinical program, so that the program(More)
T he steady increase in the numbers of patients who are overweight or obese is a serious challenge to healthcare systems, including the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Obesity is an important driver of increasing morbidity related to hypertension, diabetes, certain cancers, and osteoarthritis. It is also an important driver of healthcare costs as(More)
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