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Inherited coagulopathies are reported in a number of dog breeds. However, to date, there is no report of Weimaraners suffering factor VIII deficiency (haemophilia A). We report the discovery of haemophilia A in both males from a single litter of Weimaraners. Haemophilia A in human beings often results from a de novo stochastic mutation. We found no evidence(More)
1. Re-establishment of renal blood flow after total renal ischaemia of 4 h duration causes a pressor response in pentobarbitone anaesthetized rats and cats.2. The pressor response is related to the release of renin from the ischaemic kidney.3. Spinal section at any cervical level or stellate ganglionectomy abolishes the pressor response but spinal section(More)
describe a novel population of CD4+ CD56+ myelin-specific T cells that are MHC-class ll-restricted and at the same time capable of lyzing CD56+ target cells in an MHC-unrestricted fashion. Our data suggest that effector to target conjugation is mediated through homotypic interaction of CD56 molecules. CD56 is a member of the neural cell adhesion molecule(More)
Actions are a subclass of human behaviours which are distinguished, on a modest view, by certain antecedent mental and neural processes and events, including desires and beliefs. Libertarian philosophies have taken a less modest view, according to which some actions come under the influence of individual persons in a way distinct from being the necessary(More)
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