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BACKGROUND The diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is clinico-radiological in endemic areas. However every patient does not have the classical picture. Osteoarticular tuberculosis is a paucibacillary disease hence bacteriological diagnosis is possible in 10-30% of the cases. The present study is undertaken to correlate clinico-radiological,(More)
BACKGROUND Displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures continue to be a difficult problem to treat. Various treatment modalities and their modifications have been proposed to improve the outcome. Osteosynthesis and primary valgus angulation osteotomy is one of them. Technique and outcome in a consecutive series of recent intracapsular femoral neck(More)
The Wireless sensor network (WSN) is the renowned name in the area of research due to the large possibilities of sensor networks to provide many fields such as military applications, health monitoring, environmental monitoring etc. The recent WSN technology has given the receptiveness of tiny and cheaper cost sensor nodes with capability of sensing various(More)
BACKGROUND In this study Serum Vitamin C and Iron levels in Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) were estimated. The objective was to evaluate the correlation between Serum Vitamin C and Iron levels in OSMF individuals. Serum Iron content can be a predictor for the progression of this condition. OSMF is basically a disorder of collagen metabolism where Vitamin C(More)
The feedforward neural network architecture uses backpropagation learning to determine optimal weights between different interconnected layers. This learning procedure uses a gradient descent technique applied to a sum-of-squares error function for the given inputoutput pattern. It employs an iterative procedure to minimise the error function for a given(More)
This paper is aimed at examining the level of job satisfaction among the executives serving in various organizations. For the purpose of conducting this study, a sample comprising 69 executives was selected with a deliberate effort to ensure that the sample comprises executives serving at junior, middle and senior levels. All subjects were administered(More)
In the recent advance in science and technology, the communication system has been marching towards quick development. Wireless sensor network is one of the important blocks for communication. The major limiting factors in wireless sensor network are power consumption requirements, life time of network, data integrity and data confidentiality. Data(More)
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