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BACKGROUND Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease, affects approximately 2% of the population worldwide. Although the aetiology of psoriasis is poorly understood, patients with disease of early onset (Type I, age of onset<or=40 years) usually have a strong genetic component to the disease. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to investigate(More)
A retrospective clinical and radiographic review of 25 conventional cementless total hip replacements (THRs) and 25 cementless hydroxyapatite-coated THRs was performed to evaluate early postoperative results. The hydroxyapatite-coated group had a higher incidence of pain-free arthroplasties compared with the standard cementless group (72% v 44%, P = .045)(More)
BACKGROUND There is accumulating evidence that early-onset psoriasis (EOP; presenting at or before 40 years of age) and late-onset psoriasis (LOP; presenting after 40 years of age) are different diseases. OBJECTIVES We aimed to identify potential clinical and immunocytochemical differences between EOP and LOP. METHODS We assessed immunocytochemistry in(More)
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