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The radius incompletus mutation (ri) causes a gap in the radial wing vein, L2. A control line (riC) of the mutation ri was selected for increase and decrease of radial vein. In the riSN strain, extreme expression of this quantitative character is almost complete elimination of L2 (negative selection : SN). In the riSP strain, the L2 vein is almost restored(More)
About 160 kb of DNA were cloned from the 2B region of the X chromosome, where the early ecdysone puff develops and the ecs locus is located. On the physical map of this sequence the positions of 13 chromosome rearrangement breakpoints interfering with both puff development and the ecs locus proximally and distally, were plotted by means of in situ(More)
Two "selection" sub-populations (ris- and ris+), as well as two "temperature" ones (ric113 and ric149) were earlier developed from the control ric sub-population with interrupted vein of the fly wing. All five sub-populations were investigated for hybridization of MGE Dm-412 with drosophila polytene chromosomes in situ. The tree of similarity of MGE Dm-412(More)
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