MN Nastasi

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Vaccinium myrtillus L. (blueberry) leaf infusions are traditionally used as a folk medicine treatment of diabetes. To further define this therapeutical action, a dried hydroalcoholic extract of the leaf was administered orally to streptozotocin-diabetic rats for 4 days. Plasma glucose levels were consistently found to drop by about 26% at two different(More)
This study was designed to asses in a prospective survey the intra and post-operative adverse outcome of paediatric patients in Italy. The data was carried out in representative samples of anaesthetics performed in different Italian Institutions, which were chosen by the National Study Group for Paediatric Anaesthesia, and included: paediatric, general,(More)
High incidence of postoperative arterial hypertension, confined to the first 24-48 hours and independent of the preoperative pressure situation, has been noted in patients following vascular surgery. The phenomenon is more frequent in patients whose angiosclerotic symptomatology goes back more than 2 years, and in those in whom preoperative investigation(More)