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High-resolution records of past climatic changes during the last glacial have revealed a number of abrupt changes on time scales of decades or less. Climate models suggest that the deep ocean circulation has the potential to act as a pacemaker of such changes. Based on results from ice cores from both polar regions, and the reference to a common time scale(More)
Four experiments investigating the detailed nature of the attentional bias in anxiety are reported. Previous research using the Stroop task has shown that, when compared with non-patient controls, anxious patients are relatively slower at colour naming threat-related words than non-threat words. Experiments One and Two investigated whether this apparent(More)
Implicit motor learning tasks typically involve comparisons of subject responses during a sequence versus a random condition. In neuroimaging, brain regions that are correlated with a sequence are described, but the temporal relationship of sequence versus nonsequence conditions is often not explored. We present a functional magnetic resonance imaging(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine, in a sample of young psychiatric patients, (n = 157, mean age 17.01 years (SD = 3.6)) whether i) age at first cannabis use and age at emergence of psychiatric disorders are related and ii) such a relationship is modulated by the Val158Met polymorphism in the COMT gene. METHOD Cannabis use profiles and COMT Val158Met genotypes were(More)
cAMP-dependent protein kinase (A-kinase) anchoring proteins (AKAPs) are responsible for the subcellular sequestration of the type II A-kinase. Previously, we identified a 78 kDa AKAP which was enriched in gastric parietal cells. We have now purified the 78 kDa AKAP to homogeneity from gastric fundic mucosal supernates using type II A-kinase regulatory(More)
Overexpression in insect cells of the full coding sequence of the human membrane cytoskeletal linker ezrin (1-586) was compared with that of a NH2-terminal domain (ezrin 1-233) and that of a COOH-terminal domain (ezrin 310-586). Ezrin (1-586), as well as ezrin (1-233) enhanced cell adhesion of infected Sf9 cells without inducing gross morphological changes(More)
BACKGROUND In 1998, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified of three patients who developed severe illnesses days after yellow fever vaccination. A similar case occurred in 1996. All four patients were more than 63 years old. METHODS Vaccine strains of yellow fever virus, isolated from the plasma of two patients and the(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, we evaluated the ability of gene expression profiles to predict chemotherapy response and survival in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). METHODS Gene expression and clinical-pathological data were evaluated in five independent cohorts, including three randomised clinical trials for a total of 1055 patients with TNBC,(More)
The objective of this study is to compare the predictive accuracy of a neural network (NN) model versus the standard Cox proportional hazard model. Data about the 3811 patients included in this study were collected within the 'El Alamo' Project, the largest dataset on breast cancer (BC) in Spain. The best prognostic model generated by the NN contains as(More)