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We have investigated the effect of cellular fatty acid alteration on Adriamycin cytotoxicity using the L1210 lymphoblastic leukemia cell line. Cells growing in Roswell Park Memorial Institute Medium 1640 with 5% fetal bovine serum were modified with respect to fatty acid composition by supplementing their growth medium with 32 microM docosahexaenoic acid(More)
Agranulocytosis developed in a patient who was receiving propylthiouracil. Using a microgranulocytotoxicity assay, serum taken from the patient was shown to be strongly granulocytotoxic when tested against the patients granulocytes and those obtained from two of eight normal subjects. Tests for granulocyte agglutinins and for lymphocytotoxicity were(More)
The arterial blood supply to the diaphysis of the radius, and the vascular reaction when three cerclage devices (cerclage wire, Parham-Martin band, and a partially contacting band) were applied 2 cm apart, were studied in six adult ponies. The opposite radial diaphysis served as the control. Ponies were euthanatized at weeks 4 and 8. A centrifugal blood(More)
Nineteen German Shepherd Dog-Greyhound crossbreeds in 7 litters were evaluated by pathoanatomic and/or radiographic examination of their pelves when 12 to 24 months old (mean, 19 months). The prevalence of hip dysplasia in the crossbreeds was 42% (8/19). The prevalence of hip dysplasia in purebred German Shepherd Dog half-siblings in 16 litters produced by(More)
Three intrapelvic urethral anastomosis techniques were performed on 12 mature male dogs to compare the degree of stricture. The intrapelvic urethra was transected 1 cm caudal to the prostate, and anastomosis was performed using either suturing of the urethra over an indwelling catheter, suturing of the urethra without an indwelling catheter, or apposition(More)