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The aim was to evaluate the design parameters of dental implants shape, diameter and length on stress distribution by finite element analysis (FEA).The objectives of the study was to compare the influence of stress distribution in the implants of screw-vent tapered and parallel design by varying the implant diameter with a standard implant length. Six(More)
The defect which is associated with loss of eye can lead to major physical, mental and emotional disturbance. Treatment of facial deformity is a difficult task in which procedure for each patient is very skilled and précised. Visual judgment alone will not be perfect. Here we report a case of 45-year-old female patient with meningiosarcoma of the right eye,(More)
Ten is an anniversary number and the Tenth World Conference marks the growth of Family Practice to a greater degree than the numerals would suggest. From Montreal in 1964 to Singapore in 1983 marks the universal spread of the concepts of Family Practice. We might well say that Family Practice has come of age. But if that is so, why do we tell it to(More)
There is an internal brain drain that deprives the rural areas of all trained people, their most promising children, and even their young men and women with the most initiative. Urban industry and schools are a powerful magnet to the young people of the rural areas. As a result, cultural life in the rural areas is impoverished and retrogressive attitudes,(More)
INTRODUCTION Several commercially available luting agents are used to cement the dental restorations such as intra-coronal, extra-coronal, and fixed partial dentures. Tensile bond strength (TBS) and accurate marginal fit are the essential factors to determine the good clinical results in fixed prosthesis. The retentivity of the luting cements is assessed by(More)
Background: Candidiasis in the oral cavity is an opportunistic infections, the most common species involved is Candida albicans. Clotrimazole (CTZ) is the first line broad-spectrum antifungal drug that has been widely used for the prophylaxis and treatment of oral and vaginal candidiasis. It is seen that the effect of drug is better locally as compared to(More)
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