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Concerns have been reported to the United Kingdom National Patient Safety Agency, warning that cementing the femoral component during hip replacement surgery for fracture of the proximal femur may increase peri-operative mortality. The National Hip Fracture Database collects demographic and outcome data about patients with a fracture of the proximal femur(More)
A retrospective cross-sectional cephalometric investigation was undertaken to examine the facial form of a group of Finnish children with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA). Following digitization, the radiographs were divided into three age groups, and according to whether or not 'bird-face' deformity was present. From a total of 67 cases (39 females and 28(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the skull base are rare tumors with overlapping presentations and anatomic imaging features but different prognoses. We hypothesized that these tumors might be distinguished by using diffusion-weighted MR imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 19 patients with pathologically(More)
Four patients with Crohn's disease were treated with an elemental diet during pregnancy. Two had active disease and two also had symptoms of small intestinal obstruction. All went into a clinical remission within a few days of starting treatment. Treatment periods varied from two to four weeks, and were followed by elemental diet as a supplement to normal(More)
We have studied the effect of intraoperative body heat conservation and 24-h thermoneutrality on postoperative whole body protein turnover using stable isotope methodology in a group of elderly patients undergoing colorectal surgery for rectosigmoid adenocarcinoma. Two groups of eight patients were studied. One group (control, or cold) received routine(More)
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