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1 OVERVIEW MLP performs lossless compression of up to 63 audio channels including 24-bit material sampled at rates as high as 192kHz. Lossless compression has many applications in the recording and distribution of audio. In designing MLP we have paid a lot of attention to the application of lossless compression to data-rate-limited transmission (e.g.(More)
Lossless compression provides bit-exact delivery of the original signal and is ideal where the highest possible confidence in the final sound quality is required. MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) has recently been adopted as the lossless coding method used on DVD-Audio. MLP uses four principal strategies to reduce both the total quantity and the peak rate of(More)
MR-spectroscopy (MRS) is a multiparameter diagnostic tool and modification of each parameter results in spectrum morphology changes. In particular, changing the echo time (TE) represents a useful tool to highlight different diagnostic elements, but also has significant impact on the spectrum morphology. Diagnostic errors can result if the role of TE is not(More)
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